I have a new found love for gardening.  There’s something magical about watering flowers and watching them grow.  A garden is truly visual therapy.

“The start of summer” Simple Happiness
“Finding out I’m going to have a niece in November!” Simple Happiness
Toppings for my flax and chia toast this morning.

Toppings for my flax and chia toast this morning.

“Brunch” Simple Happiness
“Feeling the burn during a workout” Simple Happiness

Healthy Eating Update

Frankly, it’s not going very well. Although many of my meals and snacks have been on track, I have had one too many cheat days a week. Mall walks have me eating a dozen Mrs. Fields cookies at each visit and this hot weather has me craving ice cream and burgers. Not to mention the pizza I just ate tonight. People think I eat really healthy, and I do a majority of the time, but I’m keeping it real and letting the world know I’m definitely not perfect.


I Apologize

Looking at my past blog postings, I have to apologize for some of the photos I have posted. I’ve decided that while on mat leave, and with my new son as my motivation, I’m going to try and learn how to take better photos!

“Looking down at my pretty pink toes” Simple Happiness

No Room for Ego

I was in my barbell strength class the other day and noticed that I’m lifting the lightest weights.  For a minute I felt sub-par compared to everyone else in the class who was lifting much more, especially the men in the class who obviously felt they had something to prove.  But then I reminded myself, I’m just getting back into routine, and want to make sure I have proper form before lifting heavier.  Joe reminded me, as long as I’m feeling the burn, it doesn’t matter what I’m lifting.  He’s right!  I’ve decided to stop looking at what other people are lifting, focus on my own goals, and leave my ego at the door.

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